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I decided it might be a good idea to have a page here on the website to post my latest projects, my newest written songs or covers, or simply just my thoughts on anything, music-related or not. So... let's take it from the top!

My name is Tom, and I've been involved with music from somewhere around the 3rd grade. We had a Lowry organ in our home growing up, on which my sister and I had a few lessons on from a lady who came to our house to teach. Those lessons stopped soon though and we were both able to figure things out on our own. The following year or so, in 4th grade, I would begin trumpet lessons at school, which would be the instrument that carried me up through high school and into college.

Piano was added in, somewhat, during high school. I learned by improvising simple piano melodies to jazz excerpts created by my high school music teacher in his Music Theory classes. It wasn't until I had Music Theory 101 in college that I realized that not all high schools had the kind of music program my own high school did. It would be a long time before I actually encountered anything in college music theory that my high school teacher hadn't already covered. He was quite good at what he did.

If you're going to become a band teacher, it helps to know how to play all the other instruments in the band, so that's what college did for me. It wasn't until I moved to Arizona to start my public school teaching career that I found myself with a lot of time, not many friends (yet), and a guitar. Using The Beatles Scorebook, the musical Bible of all Beatles songbooks, I was able to learn how to play guitar. My first two chords? Am and D7 from The Beatles song, I'm A Loser.

Over the years, I'd mess round with guitar and signing here and there, but it wasn't until my last gig with "let's get together a few times a year to play" band, The 91st Avenue band, that I thought "Hey, maybe I could do this more..."

Enter my discovery of Second Life, where people could actually perform, streaming their performance from their homes via the internet into a virtual world for people all over the world to hear. Over a year of performing, 500+ shows, helped me shape my style, my show, my humor, and everything that you hear when you come see me live on stage. I'm constantly adding new songs to my shows to keep things fresh and welcome suggestions for songs. They may take me awhile to get to or to learn but if they resonate with me, they'll end up part of the show.

And so, there is me. Summed up in not TOO long a post, as I can be quite long-winded. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you at a show soon!


Tom 2.0, the early years, technically, version 1.0

Tom 2.0, the early years, technically, version 1.0

Tom 2.0 today, still working on upgrades though

Tom 2.0 today, still working on upgrades though

Posted on December 9, 2013 .