Gotta practice NOW! or The Best Guitar Is The One You Have With You When The Desire Strikes


Stopped at a rest stop on my way to Tuscon, not because I needed rest but because I NEEDED to practice. Yep. Needed to. Many times I hear a song or I'm reminded of a song and I just need to try it and see. See if it's one I can do quickly or if it'll take work. 

In this case, the song came together quick. I had been wanting to do a second song by this group, The Jackson 5, for some time. I've been singing "I'll Be There" for sometime and have been trying "ABC" for just as long but haven't cracked it quite yet. I came upon "I Want You Back" due to its use in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Fun tune but hadn't really thought about trying it till I heard Colbie Caillat's stripped down version playing in the bar after a recent show of mine.

I tried to find the actual version on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon to no avail. I want you to take my money, man! Make it available to buy! I instead needed to put on my waders and head to the darker corners of the internet to find it. 

It wasn't till the next morning on my way to visit some friends out of town that I listened to it for real. Driving along, listening, it started to get into my head. When a song does that I am fairly sure I'll be able to do it right away. But I needed to be 100% sure. So? Rest stop, here I come. 


Luckily I always have a guitar with me in the car, a Martin Backpacker, which is neither a great Martin nor great guitar but it IS a guitar. Following the photographer motto "The best camera is the one you got with you" I grabbed the Martin and found the song chords online and gave it a go and lo and behold, it turned out great! A few more run throughs and it'll be ready for public consumption.

I'll have to pair it with another new addition, again obtained via Guardians of the Galaxy, Hooked On A Feeling. Hope you will come around to catch them both!

Posted on August 16, 2014 .